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Luxury Motorcoach

& RV Storage

When you’re done exploring for today, park your motorcoach or RV in a spacious condo so you can unwind (and recharge) in comfort.

Some Canadians use an RV storage condo for the convenience of having extra space. Others enjoy having a U.S. mailbox, or reducing their wait times at the border. The common agreement: Owning a storage unit has been a smart decision.

I bought, licensed, and insured my RV in the U.S. and saved a lot in redundant fees.

Nick Calla
Vancouver, B.C.

Our units start at $240,000.


Ready to expand your personal space? Set a new standard of living with a luxury RV storage condo designed for work and play.

Each unit comfortably fits even the largest motorcoach. And, you’ll have room to spare.


At Pioneer Flexspace, you’ll be able to charge your RV with a built-in 50amp RV plug and recharge yourself in your personal shower.

Then, invite friends over to relax in your lounge upstairs.

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